Excuse me while I laugh so hard I choke. Progress would imply that I have accomplished something since the last time I posted.

Er..hold on a second.

*Elevator music*

Nope. I just went and examined all my current projects for signs of spontaneous and independent growth, but apparently my wool collection is not quite that evolved at this point in its history. (That’s right, blame the wool. We know whose side I’m on now…)

However, before I progress with evidence of my blatant creative neglect, I think I ought to share this lovely (and dangerous) comment with you all:

“Procrastination? I think not! Obviously you are a creative sensitive person who is waiting for the Project Gods to send you a sign telling you which project to work on. You have given the Gods so many projects that they are obviously having difficulty choosing which one to assign you to finish. You may want to cast on something else to work on until they make their decission.”

Just what I needed to hear!! =D Diane, that was the best laugh of the day. Thank you for providing me with one more excuse for my obsessions!! I certainly have a long and dangerous track record with the Project Gods…


A few (measly) rows have been accomplished on almost everything. However, I have also dragged out two old projects!!! One is this bag, which has been nearly finished since..oh..approximately two days after I received the yarn in the mail? It is missing a small portion of handle, and then I can felt it.


Sometimes things just have to be put aside for a while. And sometimes, things really should not be but they end up that way regardless. The other project that I have pulled out is a sweater that I am seaming for someone, “in my spare time”. You know what that means, don’t you?? I would rather not talk about that one. I have had it for far longer than would be necessary for the actual work. It was given without a time frame, however I still feel guilty. It should be done within the week though!!
Both socks have had a little work done on them. The beach socks will hopefully be done within the week as well, but the dark-ish trekking socks are going to be ripped. Why? This is why. I have to. The pull…it is…too…great…

I finished this:


Wallet prototype

My pattern needs some adjusting, but that should be easy to do. It is very simple. I have a plan for these. Also, I was not intending to make it into a treble clef. It started to look like one though, so why not?

The aubergine design is needle felted on. It is a little uneven. Like I said, “prototype”. I was not being extremely careful with the design, as I’d already messed it up a bit.

To needle felt you need a foam pad, a wool roving or yarn, and a felting needle. A felting needle looks like this:


It is a little hard to see, and believe me when I say it was even harder to photograph. (I love the aubergine background!) To use it you stab repeatedly though the wool, shaping as you go. The dents in it are little barbs, which catch on the fibers. In this case, it carries the fibers through the felted surface (the wallet) on which I attached it, solidly joining the design to the surface. The needles come in different gauges, for coarse to fine work. It is fun! I have some ideas that you will be seeing shortly.

Finally, a la Diane, I am appeasing the Project Gods by casting on something new!


Shawl yarn. For Moom!! I would not have done it except I want to finish this before I go back to school. I am working on designing the pattern right now. I am probably going to put the lupine shawl aside for a while, just to get this one out of the way. Although, who really knows? Perhaps I will keep up the work on them both. We won’t really know until we get there, I suppose.

She completely confused me by going for the pink, rather than the greens blues and purples that I had set aside for her to look at. Uh..surprise!!

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  1. Dana Says:

    I’m doing the Pomatomus socks right now. They’re pretty fun, and the pattern isn’t that hard once you get going. I was thinking too hard when I started mine, so I had troubles, but I’m on the second one now, smooth sailing.

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