Midnight Lupine


A pattern that I am designing. Expect it to change; it is a work in progress. If it turns out well, I may try selling the pattern.


I also bought a notebook today for the patterns I am designing. Those are not the best sketches of how this is supposed to look, but they are decent. The book is actually meant to be an all-purpose calendar/planner, however I decided it was just about perfect for a portable sketchbook.

One side of the page is like the above, and the other has graph paper that I am using to chart.

I think I am going to restart the shawl again though, because I have come up with a better idea. I need a plainer set of yarnovers to lead into the intended pattern.
Wish me luck. Ripping back mohair is said to be like having teeth pulled with no anesthetic. Some things must be done!!

As much as I hate ripping, the beginning I have is not a waste. It has given me an idea for another shawl that I want to design! (I already have yarn in the stash that I can use for it. This could be good.)

On another note, I have not had a good opportunity to take fancy photographs of the finished shawls. I want to show them on a body. I did take some pictures outside today, and here they are.

The whole image of Peacock Feathers…


And a closeup of the point…


I love the edging. It has given me ideas for the next project.

Here is the point of Snowdrop…


Also beautiful. Amanda and I are going to block hers tomorrow. We knit them in the same yarn, except hers is pink. She also opted out of the pointy edging. =D

Just to live up to my indecisive nature, I feel like starting everything today. (Everything being three shawls, a scarf, a sweater, and two pairs of socks. So far I am holding off quite well, but tomorrow is another day…) My next project was supposed to be the brown sweater I showed you yarn pictures of, but I am going to wait on that one until I have time to make a duct tape dressform.

Okay, I can feel your incredulous looks.

Stop it!! You’re making me uncomfortable. *Shifts* I promise that it works and that I’m not just making it up. I read about it in an ancient issue of Threads. Anyhow, it’s going to be pretty awesome. If I have somone there to hold the camera, I’ll photo document. And if I don’t have someone there to hold the camera…I might be stuck in a duct tape coccoon. I admit that it would be pretty hilarious, but I think I’d prefer that I *did* have someone there to cut me out.

Emily the Yarn Duck says that she is in shock because I finished something. Very funny. How on earth did I end up with such a sarcastic Yarn Duck? I suppose that is is my fault. She does NOT like to be neglected for so long. I’d best get my act together.


Finally, I have a request. Can you all list your favorite books for me in the comments? I am feeling very bored and despondent. What I need is a trip to the library. I love summer, but I am running out of things to think about and your suggestions would be amazing.

9 Responses to “Midnight Lupine”

  1. Jay Says:

    Good Omens by Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman (sp?)

  2. frooogy Says:

    Frooogy Gets Dressed! It’s in the basket by the front window. grok grok grok

  3. kayak woman Says:

    You can have Kite Runner when I finish it, which’ll prob’ly be today. And then I will need something else too. Books? What’s good? I am on a sort of 3rd-world country kick this summer.

  4. Gadget Says:

    Harf! Harf! Harf! *wiggle-wiggle-wiggle*

  5. Your Wife Says:

    Have you read Ishmael yet?

  6. Jessica Stressica Strauss Says:

    hello hello … I have not checked this in some time, but these pictures only remind me that I dearly miss the yarn workings of a certain mouse I know…

  7. kayak woman Says:

    Well, you were right, that travelin’ funeral book is awful. But I’m reading it anyway. Maybe Grinch’ll let you read his Golden Spruce book.

  8. Pooh Says:

    Mouse (and Kayak Woman)

    “Ursula, Under”, by Ingrid Hill! If you haven’t already read it, read it, if you have, read it again. It is set in the Upper Peninsula, as well as ancient China, Finland, Sweden, Ann Arbor, California, etc. I loved it. I gave a copy to Bubs, so you might be able to borrow hers.

    I also like Barbara Kingsolver, but you’ve probably read those. I don’t know if she’s got anything new out. I read from “Prodigal Summer” when I teach ecology.

    Terry Pratchett is extremely funny, and prolific. We read “Thud” on the trip to Colorado.

    Surprisingly, I haven’t been reading that much this summer. I’ve been knitting or Sudoku puzzles on our many long car trips this month. I started Dave’s new hat for the Chicago trip.

  9. Valdemort Says:

    “Stranger in a Strange Land” by Robert Heinlein.

    Dunno how much you’re into sci-fi, but’s it’s an interesting foray into how the mind of an alien might work.

    Also: Anything by Truman Capote is good; I’ve been working on a collection of his shorter works.

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