Peacock feathers everywhere…

Today, the most amazing thing in the world took place. Again.


That’s right. Blocking!!

I apologize for the terrible quality of the photos. The carpet back here is a strange sort of brown, the lighting is bad, and my camera is low on battteries. Pair that with my inability to hold still for five lousy minutes, and you get a bunch of crappy, blurry photographs…

Anyway. Continuing on. I shall take decent photographs tomorrow when they are completely dry and I can find a good place to model them. Okay??


I washed and blocked Snowdrop first, in a rare moment of foresight. This decision was based solely on dye colors, and I’m lucky that I did. Were I a good knitter I would have changed the water between them, but I am a lazy knitter. Lazy!! So I used the same water, and wouldn’t you know it but a decent amount of smudgy blue came seeping out.

Here is a blurry detail shot of Snowdrop blocking…


And the same of Peacock Feathers…


Okay. Look at all the yellow dots. Now go look at the full shot, and notice all the yellow dots.

When I blocked Snowdrop, it took my entire box of dressmaker’s pins!! *Yeek!!* I ran out to the fabric store for a second box, and it was sheer dumb luck (and a fortunate feeling of unease) that landed me with the box of 175 rather than 100. It took every one. Each one of those loops in the crocheted edging had to be pinned out. Believe me, it was no easy task getting them to line up in the corners.

Now is the hard part. No, really. I have to sit here staring at them until they are ready to be unpinned.

Wish me luck!!

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