I am unable to get a restful night’s sleep. I have trouble going to bed at a reasonable hour, and I have been waking up every few hours in the night. Then, every day, I wake up between 7:45 and 9:00 and cannot go back to sleep. I don’t mind a little bit of sleepiness in my life, however the murky exhaustion that has been haunting me in the last two weeks is quite unwelcome.

It had an excuse when I was chasing 94 children around. Now that my time is mostly spent not being able to sleep, forgetting to eat, going to work, sulking, and drinking tea, it is not so logical.

But wait! Looking over that list I have the answer. Forgetting to eat is something that happens to me only when multiple other discomforts present themselves at once. For example, heat, humidity, sleeplessness, and distraction. Uh…*quiet voice* too much coffee. Hmm…put checks next to all of those.

When I do not eat I get headaches and my body is very slow. Yesterday I kept feeling as though putting my head down on the counter at work would cause me to fall heavily asleep.

No food = exhaustion.

Every single time this happens I forget why, and then the sudden protein craving hits and I remember.

Problem solved!! I have groceries and I am prepared.

More excitingly, I finished peacock feathers yesterday. Tomorrow I am going to block it along with snowdrop, and then you can have pictures!! I’ve just been too tired to block. Look for new things in the next few days.

Finally, thanks for your tolerance with my sporadic posting. It is very hard to put together a coherent (fine, I’ll admit it: I am never coherent) or interesting post when I am like this. On top of that I am a very slow writer. Posts that have little flow and/or don’t make a lot of sense are written quickly with little to no editing. (Such as this one, as you can tell.) Don’t even talk to me about grammatical mistakes just now. I know.

Pictures tomorrow, my flock.

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