Out, two, three, four.

I feel very strange. I have carefully selected, encouraged, and recommended a few people whom I think ought to take a job. One that has usually been “mine” over the last four years. They may or may not understand how monumental that is or why, but if any of them do take it they probably will someday. These people have impressed me greatly with their maturity, their independence, their talent, their attitudes, and their respect. And their lovable personalities. If I am ever in a position to require the kind of assistance that they could provide, I hope that they will still be around and interested. All in time, all in time.

There are very few people who will understand the above, but that is okay. It would be bad etiquette to explain, and what matters is that it was important to me. Very. I have given myself a level of mental freedom that has been quite evasive for a long time, and now I have to work on accepting that.

Confused? Good.

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