Sunglasses are a pain…

…when you are hunting for them. Ah yes, carefully stalking them between the aisles of Target, Meijer, K-mart, Kroger, wherever you choose to hunt. SHH!! Be careful, if you don’t sneak up on them quietly you will startle them, and all the good ones will hide leaving you with the weird 80s way-too-giant or wrap-weirdly-around-your-face-just-plain-ugly or “in style” varieties. Yes.

But the fun part of finding some that are tolerable, even though they will inevitably still look as ridiculous as an ostrich in flight, is that they still look better in the mirror than they do in pictures.


(Sneak, I want you to take a good look at that face. Okay, okay! Now just *try* to tell me that it doesn’t remind you of the dead baby masks! Hahaha!)

I can’t smile, so I decided to post the funniest of the pictures. That was it. Don’t I look like a bug? I am quite amused. Moving on…

This is a section of my birch shawl:


Made last summer. The pattern is all over, and it is a large triangle.



Is the Mountain Peaks Shawl. That picture is crap and I know it. I’ll try to take a better one next time It is cool enough to wear it.

All of my shawls currently need blocking…but I am lazy. I did start the second beach colored sock, though.
Leading me to the best thing that happened today…

This year at summer YAG, I have been threatening all the boys who can’t sit still that I am going to teach them to knit. Well, the twitchiest of them all actually learned today! I did not teach him, but I told someone else they could. He stood there swearing on his honor that he did not have the attention span for it…and stood there knitting completely transfixed through all of snack time and half the rehearsal.


3 Responses to “Sunglasses are a pain…”

  1. frooogy Says:

    “Don’t I look like a bug?”

    grok grok grok! So, it was *you* who stole my big green bug vee-hickle! I’m tellin’ th’ ol’ witch on you! grok grok frgok!

  2. Nikki Says:

    sun glasses shopping is hard.

  3. Pengo Janetto Cookie Tester Penguin (Whoosh?) Says:

    Mmmm dead baby face. How ridiculous!

    I love Coffee. Take that how you will!

    -Janet and Pengie

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