Air Plant the First

I bought my first Tillandsia, or “air plant”, last February. She came inside and adorable glass pod that I immediately hung in my sewing area.


She looked a little cramped, but I figured that as long as I spent time loving her and spraying her weekly she’d recover and grow. Well, I was wrong. I acquired three more Tillandsias in April, and learned very quickly that they love to be bathed. I also discovered that it’s impossible to remove a plant through a hole that small without damaging leaves. :(

Yesterday I discovered my solution. She was looking particularly sad and thirsty, but also sodden and at risk for rot (a common problems with the glass pods). I gently rescued her from her little nest, let her soak in the bath, and peeled her dead leaves.


Success. Now I can easily remove her from the pod without damaging anything.

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