Sourdough Bagels

I’ve always believed without exception that bagels should be made with a sourdough base. In reality these are exceedingly difficult to find…outside my kitchen. Next time I complain about the inconvenience of my needy pet yeast, please slap me. (Or just demand bagels.)

I used this recipe, converting all measurements from volume to grams. Because I was using sourdough starter (I keep mine at around 60% hydration), I started with 200 grams of starter and adjusted the other quantities to preserve the given hydration percentage. So far I’ve chosen to use regular baker’s yeast on top of the sourdough; once I perfect my technique I’ll experiment with letting my yeast to do all the work. I think I deserve some street cred in the baking world due to the continual presence of dried barley malt in my Flours & Seeds cupboard.


I used the traditional shaping method, which is to divide your dough and roll it into snakes. The ends are then joined to form a ring. I love the diagonal splits this produces in the finished bagel.


 One adjustment I made was to alkalize the water using 1 T. baking soda.


In case you couldn’t tell, we have a mutual favorite bagel topping in this apartment. (Er…ignore my little green kitchen friend. She’s harmless, and provides entertainment during slow moments.)


 Post-baking gloriousness.


I still have some adjustments (and recipes) to try, but if I never improve on this result I may actually be content.


Next week I should receive my new supply of rennet and some cultures in the mail, at which point I can add cream cheese to my repertoire.

<:3 )~

3 Responses to “Sourdough Bagels”

  1. DogMomster Says:

    Just out of curiosity, what is the logic behind alkalizing the boiling bagel water? (My ignorance is being displayed publicly!)

  2. mouse Says:

    It aids browning at lower temperatures so the crumb texture is preserved. I had the same reaction when I was reading recipes the other day, and had to look it up!

  3. Sam Says:

    If i receive an invitation on the next bagel-day in the Mouse-kitchen when I’m in the tri-state area, I will bring whatever accompaniments you chose Including a tenor or trio…—well, actually not…. <:3 )~ [backatcha]

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