New Elephant Tummies!


Kayakwoman¬†and I stumbled out of the quilt store in a foggy daze. My arms were full of the above traitorous substance. It was a long, hard trip, but sometimes you just have to restock your elephant contrast fabrics.Of course, elephants aren’t the only project I have. If they were, I might have something to show for myself. I did finish the green mittens, which means my hands have been properly warm for the first time all season.


The base yarn is 100% wool. The cuff is plain, but for the body of the mitten I doubled the wool with a strand of dark green mohair for extra warmth. They smell a little sheepy/goaty when damp, but as far as I’m concerned that means they’re doing their job.I have three other “main” projects at the moment. First is the “12 socks in 12 months” challenge, which is on track so far. I did have to backtrack a bit due to ill-fitting cuffs, but I should finish the January socks tonight.The second project is a winter coat, which I’ll hopefully finish by…erm…spring.


The third is the Colette Patterns Palette Challenge. I’m not incredibly far along on this, but partly I need a trip to the (real) fabric store to help me choose colors and materials. The idea is to choose a selection of colors and inspirations, then build a pre-determined partial Spring wardrobe. More information is available¬†here.Apart from that, I’m just trying not to freeze. I love you too, Michigan.

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