Another Project Down…

I feel that’s become my default title for the inevitable “I finished another show and that’s why I haven’t been posting and really I’ll get better but now I’m catching up on all the stuff I didn’t do before when I should have because of the show and I PROMISE I’LL POST!!” post.

Before I started the “blog”, I didn’t realize how difficult it would actually be to keep up with it. I have the same reservations people always talk about, where I’m not sure how much and/or what parts of my life I feel are appropriate writing material. Sometimes I just don’t want to talk about my situation.

Whatever it is, it’s almost equally difficult to always post about projects. Either I have little to say about the process and tons of photos, or too much to say and no photos.

I still haven’t figured out exactly what I get back from doing this. Partly its a way to organize thoughts, except I’ve never been great with keeping journals. At some times I feel like it’s a really nice way to record what I’m doing, and at others I’m at a loss and simply don’t feel like it.

That all brings me to the current point, which is that I don’t have a lot of evidence of my latest show. In fact, all I really have to show are my costumes. I think they came out pretty nicely. I was in charge of costuming myself for this show; although I did not make any of the pieces, I did spend a sizeable chunk of time scouring the thrift stores.

I should remind you of the show…it was Beyond Therapy by Christopher Durang. (Yes, he’s the guy who wrote Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All For You. I guess I’m just built for Durang?)

Before we get to the dresses, we’ll start with the 80s hair…


I know, I know.

Moving on. First dress:


Sparkly shawl and purse courtesy of Moom‘s closet…

Second dress:


This was a lucky, lucky find. Size 0 polyester with horrendous shoulderpads? Yes please!! We’re going for *ACK!!* here…

Third dress:


Please note that my facial expression has, by this photo, progressed from “argh photos” to “hurry up kid, or I’m going to start thwacking you with my shiny silver purse”. (Thanks to Jeremy for taking all the photos…) Anyhow, YES that is purple paisley. Yes, I’ll be wearing this one again.

Fourth dress:


That dress was mine to start. (Okay, since you asked so nicely, so were the tights!!) This was probably my favorite outfit in many ways, although the final dress was appropriate in its own right. Bringing me to…

Fifth dress:


That dress was preexisting as well. Flashy gold belt and purse are (once again) courtesy of Moom. Oh! As are the earrings and necklace! The sweater-thing? Wow. I can’t imagine where it came from? But thank you to whoever left it at the Salvation Army!!

I think what amazed me the most about this process was how lucky I was for sizing. I’m not large, so pickings are usually slim. The second dress was an especially lucky find; not only that, but it was the first thing I chose!!

Okay, now I’m exhausted. Soon I’ll have evidence of the herd. “The WHAT?!?”, you say? Yes, I’m making a whole herd of elephants. Just imagine the cutosity, and come back in about a week.

2 Responses to “Another Project Down…”

  1. pooh Says:

    I haven’t had the time to comment on your theatre wardrobe until now. I have a student at the high school who plans to go into Fashion Design in college. She loves the 70’s and 80’s fashions. Last year she was talking to me about the 1980’s, and asking me what I wore. I couldn’t remember anything that stood out, in an “OMG, what was I thinking” way, so she showed me some of the huge shoulder pads, going clubbing fashions. Well, you’ll be surpised to know that I was not a Disco Queen, or partying like it’s 1999 person then or now. 😉
    I said that the 80’s was also the time of the “power suit”, and I did buy and wear a lot of suits to work. I also spent several months in maternity clothes, and then several weeks/months in t-shirts accessorized with baby spit. I do remember the shoulder pads. At one point I’d taken so many out of my clothes that I was thinking about making a stegosaurus costume with shoulder pads down the back and a pair of spike heels on the tail. A fasion dinosaur, don’tcha know!
    Speaking of purple paisley, maybe you could post a picture of your rocking chair, please?

  2. pooh Says:

    Er, that would be fashion dinosaur, not fasion.

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