Chair in Progress

Amanda taunted me for weeks leading up to my eighteenth birthday, insisting that she had the most appropriate gift for me. She was also terrified that I’d hate her for it, which made everything more frightening and suspicious. And it was…wait for it…a rocking chair. Because I am an old woman.

It’s a wonderful chair, but the time has come for re-upholstery.


Yes, that would be giant purple paisley. I’m content. Originally I was planning to simply cover the old cushions, but in removing the old fabric I discovered two things:

First, the cushions had been hand-covered twice already. Second, when I ripped open the seams there was a dust cloud large enough to engulf me completely. Uhm…As cute as iit was…new cushions.


I realize that the two pieces on the right are not identical; because of the pattern I was afraid of running out of material. I’ll just keep the less centered side on the back, and no one will ever know. In retrospect, I could have used a complimentary canvas for the cushion backs. The pillow fillings are made from bamboo/rayon batting. Finished photos soon!

Live on, little chair.

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  1. pooh Says:

    Love the fabric! I doubt anyone except you would realize that you’d flipped the back cushion.

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