Emily the Yarn Duck refuses to stay off the blog.

I think it’s a good decision on her part; she’s mad at me for failing to post anything I’ve finished over the past few months. At this point, I’m simply trying to figure out what it is that I’ve been doing. Hopefully that means there will be more photos to come? For now you get this:


My Picasso-era travel socks, done since November. For detail:


┬áNow I’m mass producing handwarmers “for sale”, but how many times have I said that in the past?! We’ll see.


It’s tough to get a detail shot in low light:


Perhaps the next project will have something to do with this:


In other news, I had an infection in one of my molars last March/April. The Kalamazoo dentists told me that my tooth was rotting around a filling, while my Ann Arbor dentist told me there were no visible problems. The first opinion suggested a root canal, while the second said “wait and see”.

Well, guess who was right? Over the holidays that infection flared up again. Basically, it’s been working away at a low level for nine or ten months and I now have significant bone damage. (We won’t even talk about the abscess…yeah.) I’m having a root canal on Wednesday because they can see a likely cause (the decay around the filling), but there’s a good chance it won’t stabilize and I’ll have to lose the tooth anyway. I also have a small crack in the tooth, and if it turns out to be the actual cause I’ll definitely have to lose the tooth.

So. What do you do when your lifelong dentist tells you “I’ve never worked on that tooth”, and you see clear evidence to the contrary? There is definitely a filling, and definitely decay around it. It’s also really helpful that I’m totally uninsured…

For now, the best I can do is to keep making stuff. Hooray, activities?

Next up, I’m reupholstering my rocking chair!!

3 Responses to “Emily the Yarn Duck refuses to stay off the blog.”

  1. pooh Says:

    It’s good to see Emily again. So your handwarmers don’t have thumbs, just a slit? It looks like a pretty pattern. I made four “flittens” for Dave. Well, I only gave him two, but it took me three times to get it right, (all lefties) and then one more time to knit the right right one. ROIGHT! I call them flittens because they are mitten flaps to go over the fingerless gloves that Santa Mark left in his stocking, and the pattern that I modified was called “glittens = gloves + mittens”. Why three times? The first was too big, and started too far down. The second was still too big, b/c what I thought were #5 dpns were #6 dpns, even though they went through the #6 hole on the gauge tool. Third time’s a charm!

  2. sneak Says:

    please tell me when you’re up and running on etsy. i will gladly publicize to those people with whom i am acquainted.

  3. Jax Says:

    I’m currently procrastinating on my mechanics reading with the tail end of a skein of Kureyon sock :) Looking forward to what yours will be!

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