Button Loops and Zocks

I opened a window and titled it, trying to FORCE myself to go find the darned camera cord.

*Insert Elevator Music Here*

Okay, so I’m doing a terrible job. For a beautiful few weeks I was posting almost daily. Now I’m slipping, but I’m reading a lot of books. Perhaps reading books/the intake of text and writing text/the output of text need to be balanced? Perhaps if I stopped devouring books and wrote more blog entries the world would make sense?

The photos, which I knew to be lacking, are even less thrilling in their real form. Now that I’ve been quacking about the for days, it’s almost embarrassing to post them. Just remember: BROKEN CAMERA, and these photos were taken in the Everything Must Be Pink time of evening.

On the other hand, they also prove that I knit.

This first photo is of a sweater I made for my sister four years ago. Shut up, shut up. I gave it to her, only to take it back 1.5 years later so I could add buttons.* I added the buttons, reinforced the bands with ribbon, and was so waylaid with school and travel that I didn’t touch the project again until last weekend. There may have been and instance of losing said buttons and replacing them somewhere in the mix.


She’s going to hate this picture, but then again she made the face**.

Second, I have Zack’s Socks to show you which shall be referred to (along with any others I may make for him in the future) as “Zocks”. I can’t honestly claim trouble with the phrase, having been through enough tongue twisters in my day to beat most language into submission, but it’s still easier to say Zocks.


See that? Everyone should get that excited about handknit socks. Everyone.

I really wish those photos showed anything useful about the projects, but I guess you can’t have everything.

Now that I’ve “proved” myself to a whole host of people with whom I’m entirely unacquainted, I’m going to go do crossword puzzles in bed. It’s Sunday, and that is the most productive thing I can think of to do with my time.

<:3 )~

*They’re awesome; they say “recycled paper on them”; I didn’t take a close up. *Smacks forehead*

**Sneak, if you’re offended, I can switch it out in exchange for a better one.

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