Q: Where is my camera cord?

A: Buried in the depths.

Q: When will it be retrieved?

A: Hey look…a pie crust!!

In other news, someone found my page by searching for “stuffed purple mouse”. It was almost as sad as trying to write “Purple Mouse” on my packing list last Wednesday night. Unless it was Purple Mouse searching for her way home, but somehow I don’t think that’s the case.

The relevance is inconclusive, but I do like the word “profusive” for some intangible reason. WordPress doesn’t recognize it, but it’s a synonym for “lavish”. (Ironically, neither does WordPress recognize”Wordpress”. Go figure.)

P.S. In the time it took me to read over the above paltry accumulation of text, WordPress decided that it recognized both “profusive” and “WordPress”. Now, in writing a post-script, it does not. I hope I’ll someday have more important things with which to concern myself.

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