Home from SF

</babysitting parents for the weekend>

Not kidding. There were some adventures, but we all made it through okay. Even my poor sister survived, despite having to “host” all of us.

Maybe I should say even her roommates survived; they didn’t even complain that I capitalized their entire living room space, sleeping on the couch and marking my territory with yarn and jewelry. Maybe a Birkenstock here or there…

I seem to be terrible at photo documentation; I took two pictures the entire time I was there. Maybe if my camera worked I would have taken more, but then again I was pretty busy trying to finish a bunch of (way, way, way) overdue knitting projects for various SF residents. Two out of three! (Jess, don’t kill me!) Of course, I had to acquire another project and a repair while I was there.

Sometimes I wonder why I bother trying to “finish things” and “decrease the number of viable projects in my personal possession”. It seems like the harder I try to finish things and move them along, the more determined new projects are to seep into the stash and set up housekeeping.

Anyhow. The pictures I took are of finished projects. They are blurry and not very thrilling, but I’ll try to upload them tomorrow anyway.

It’s nice to be home where I have an entire room (full of crap) to myself, but I do miss the left coast. Not to mention that I kind of hate flying.

Next time: teleportation. GO!

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