Brown Out

I was doing an excellent job of posting daily…until about Sunday. I got busy (doing nothing), and then yesterday when I was finally ready to post something our power went on the fritz. It was interesting timing, as we had no water for seven hours today due to water main work.

Anyhow, that got in the way and now I have no pictures to post. I could take some, but I’m feeling too lazy to go through the whole process of…processing. If you will.

I really have been knitting like crazy; I’m mostly making things that I’m planning to sell. I thought it would be interesting to explore using the account I created four years ago and never developed. News on that as I build my stock and set things up.

Meanwhile, I kind of love this sweater. I have some old stash yarn that would be perfect. Once I get a few more projects out of the way, perhaps I’ll work on that.

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