1/8″ bias tube button loops


I am smitten. I have unspeakable adoration for these loops. In fact, I’m quite sure at this moment that nothing could please me more than to add them to every reasonable garment I own. So far this dress contains ten, soon to be sixteen. Eighteen? Maybe more?

I’ve had my sewing machine set up outside today, and I’m finally finishing the top part of the dress. Then I’ll draft, cut, and add the skirt, add bias tape edgings and button loops on the skirt, hand stitch the inner facings, and decide which (serger-less) method I want to use to enclose/hold down the inner seams.


I should also mention the additional ~174 yds of the pink* merino/silk that I finished yesterday. I have ~414 total, and about 1/3 of the fiber remaining. How much fits on a single bobbin is somewhat determined by how frequently I switch positioning hooks on my wheel. The first bobbin produced ~70 yds more than the second; it should be a surprise as to what the third will hold.

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