In the spring sometime, I went to Office Max and bought a cheap roll of brown paper for packaging. I’ve found that it’s perfect for pattern drafting as it’s cheap, large, and reasonably sturdy. Currently, I’m putting together a dress that is similar in style to an existing (and very worn) shirt. The old shirt is a soft, muted green. The dress is a bright shiny orange, although the picture is fairly inaccurate. It’s funny because they’re both on my list of favorite colors despite the extreme contrast.


I wound yesterday’s skein of silk/merino into a ball, and I’m now working on the second bobbin of the silk. I’m still extremely pleased with it, but I spent a lot of today sewing instead of spinning. It’s nice to mix things around a bit, not to mention that I have a bear of a spinner’s cramp in my left little finger. It’s been stiff in the morning, but it loosens up as the day goes on and I do things with my hands.

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