Rhinebeck? Rhinebeck?

I started reading knitting blogs in early 2004. Since that time, I’ve watched every year as everyone up and disappears to Rhinebeck, and to Maryland Sheep and Wool. Every year, I CAN’T GO because I’ve been a student. Well, this year I’m not so much better off considering I’m still jobless. Should I let that stop me? Who *isn’t* cheered up by wooly, sheepy goodness? Who knows, maybe I’ll run into someone who wants to take me home (preferably to a city) and give me a job in some kind of wool-related capacity. Please? Please?

I think I’ll plan definitively for Maryland, considering it’s in May and I have some time to work things out. Rhinebeck…uhm, I’ve got a month to ponder.

Otherwise, I finished the first bobbin of red today.


After navajo plying, I have approximately 240 yards of sport weight yarn.


I am now beginning the second bobbin, and when I’m finished I should have approximately 500-650 yards.

Have I mentioned yet that I am indescribably pleased with this particular yarn? Because I am.

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  1. Rachel Says:

    Lets make a deal, eh? You and/or Amanda teach me to spin, and I will drive us all out there this May. Deal? Deal. Good. Glad we can all agree.

  2. mouse Says:

    It’s a deal. Also, the Sheep and Wool festivals usually sell yarn…

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