I have 8oz. of this silk/merino blend. It’s going to take a while to spin at this weight, but I think it will be worth it. The silk fibers make it easy to spin at a fine gauge; they’re stronger and so the fibers are less likely to separate in the looser spots.


My camera seems to be working better today, but I’m not sure I can trust it yet. Still, it seemed worth it to post a close-up between that and figuring out how to bully Photoshop into doing what I want. Still, it’s hard to photograph the colors in the spun singles. I’ll try to get an accurate picture of the unspun fibers tomorrow.

I think I’m planning to navajo ply the finished singles. I didn’t really have a plan when I bought this fiber (admittedly, during my trip to Threadbear the other week), but as I spin it I’m thinking it would make a nice partial-length sweater. Uhm, once I finish some other projects, that is.

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