Tension Springs

I love my spinning wheel, but for a shameful length of time I haven’t touched it. I wish I could say I had a good excuse, but the truth of the matter is rather dull.

When I obtained my wheel about three years ago, the previous owner had used a common rubber band in the place of a tension spring. I managed with that same band for quite along time, until it fell apart as rubber bands inevitably do. I had bought a Spinner’s Maintenance Kit from Spinner’s Choice soon after I bought the wheel, but I managed to lose it between dorm rooms, Ann Arbor, study abroad, and my Kalamazoo Apartment. So, I tried to replace the rubber band with limited success. Part of the tension line had worn out and snapped off.

A few weeks ago I finally sat down to install a tension spring, having finally found my kit, only to find that my wheel looks nothing like the pictures. I hadn’t realized how much the Ashford Traditional had changed since mine was made. It wasn’t hard to figure out the system, and now it’s running fine.


Perhaps I’ll get around to naming the wheel now that it’s functional again…

I’ve been knitting a fair amount as well, but I’m finding myself to be incredibly camera-lazy lately. I’m working on fixing that, but the bottom line is that it’s time for a new camera. I’m feeling intimidated by the prospect of figuring out what kind I want, so I’m open to suggestions. I’m looking for a decent camera that is small enough to carry around. I don’t care about colors, just function.

I’m currently processing Betty Week photos, and will try to post them later today.

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  1. Sam Says:

    Congrats on fixing your wheel! Our current camera is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3, which shoots wonderful stills and hi-def video, is easy to use, and not particularly expensive for what it does. I always check out dpreview.com for info on cameras. Here’s the link to their comments on the DMC-ZS3.

  2. mouse Says:

    Thanks! I’ll have to take a look, if I can get my hands out of the fiber stash.

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