As in, that is the only e-mail I receive. I currently have four functional e-mail addresses, which may be a mistake. Maybe not though, as 98% of the spam comes through two of the addresses. Fortunately, one account will go away in a few months.

My children’s summer theatre job ended a week and a half ago, and I spent the last week up north doing this.


That is Alfred, who is my occasional best friend. He particularly likes me when I accidentally feed him english muffins.  There was also some suspicious activity that included frogs and hiking, and maybe some shoe/sock removal to wade through the swamp.

I have some knitting and sewing that needs to be photographed, but I’ve been feeling remarkably apathetic about my camera lately. I guess I’m too wrapped up in needing to clean and get rid of things, scour my car, and what else…

OH YEAH I should probably find a job. Funny how that slips out of consciousness. Any thoughts?

*I have a tendency to think of “S” as an ending letter, so it kind of looks like I typed “pams” over and over again.

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