7 Hours

Is too long inside a car.

I love Ann Arbor, but I’d rather be in the Soo with my Octogenarians.

With that said, I’ve been kind of bad lately.


I don’t always like batiks, but this one was random (and plant-y) enough to get my attention.


It’s Moom‘s fault if she offers to buy it for me, right?

I’ve also been pretty good. I’ve almost finished this:


One of the nicest jersey cottons I’ve ever come across, with quilting cotton accent. I need to hem, slip stitch facings, and add pockets.

I’ve also made a fair number of these in the past week:


I’m almost halfway there? I’ll be open to discussing the actual quilting end of things in the fall when I can hold it in my lap without melting.

I’ll be wrangling children for the next two weeks as I desperately try to clean, but hopefully I’ll be able to dredge through my UFOs soon and start finishing things!!

2 Responses to “7 Hours”

  1. Pooh Says:

    I’ve read tips where quilters sit at a card table, with the UFO on the table, and a fan underneath.

  2. sneak Says:

    donde esta MY DRESS?

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