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Warning! Warning! Critical Mass Reached!!

I am getting rid of as many things as I possibly can. Yesterday I recycled all of high school, and it felt great. Today I’ve mainly been organizing sewing supplies and Things In Boxes, which has somehow cut down on structural mess.

I left my cute little apartment on Saturday, and it was a very sad day. There were things about it that I didn’t like, but what house doesn’t have its shortcomings? I could not have lived in a better place, no matter what most people feel about clawfoot tubs and sitting down in the shower.

I clearly don’t know how to fit the last year into blog entries, as I’ve managed not to post more than a few since the summer. I was extremely busy, and I guess that’s all I can really say. In the meantime, while I try to get back into some kind of reasonable writing stride, here are photos from the last show I costumes (in April/May). (*Edited to add*) The production was a short play called Aria Da Capo by Edna St. Vincent Millay. There are three other characters, but their costumes weren’t anything special. Two are dirty peasants, and the third wore a toga and the ugliest things I’ve ever created (the boots of tragedy, which in theory are somewhat attractive…)



3 Responses to “Home in Ann Arbor”

  1. Jamm Says:

    You are so good. I’m sorry I didn’t see Aria. Your costumes look great.

  2. Liz Says:

    mouse, I love that dress!

  3. Anne Says:


    Love the costumes! I’ve always been partial to harlequin fashion.


    ps. Now that you’re back in A2 could you pretty please help me figure out some lace? Thx.

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