Nearly there.

Well, it seems I can’t keep up with myself.

Two more large-scale projects are down and out, as of 1-month and 2-weeks, respectively.  Soon I’ll have costumed photos of Aria Da Capo, which is the first.  The second is Return to the Forbidden Planet, which I assistant directed.  That was probably one of the best shows on which I’ve ever worked.  While I’m glad to have free evenings for the first time in nearly five months (!!), I’m not entirely sure what to do with myself most of the time.

I did manage to find more theatre, of course.   I’m reading stage directions for a staged reading of a student written play, and performing in someone’s final directing scene from The Bald Soprano.

On a separate note, I’m finding it difficult to write anything in normal English spelling.  My brain has been going straight into IPA, which really isn’t useful for the majority of the population. Most commonly I go for the “z” key for words that end in voiced sounds, but I’ve had other intermittent issues as well.

I also have several finished knitting projects, on top of several new not-finished projects.  Most of the finished project are socks, though.

I have one week of school remaining; the only assignment I have left involves recording samples of my own voice. It’s always a shock to hear yourself recorded, and I’m not sure I can say that I care for it greatly.

Right now I’m trying to work out how much money I need to make to live and start paying off loans, which doesn’t really help that fact that I don’t have any plans.

P.S. Is it a bad sign that I keep drinking coffee and then immediately napping?

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