First, before I forget, I very slightly edited the Yassa recipe.  I’d forgotten to list garlic as an ingredient!!  What a complete disaster…

One the note of 377, that is the number of pages through which I have been attempting to slog over the weekend.  I currently have 134 left, but fortunately some of those are due Tuesday and Wednesday.  On the other hand, I can no longer be convinced that school doesn’t hate me as my books were around $400.  (Fortunately I bought two of the ridiculous ones online, and will get something like $60 back…

Also, I have been cleaning like a madwoman.  I’m still convinced that my apartment will not be cleaned, organized, arranged, and decorated to my satisfaction until it’s time to move out, but I’ve finally been making some good steps.  Oh, like purging the giant box of recycling and packaging materials that has been lounging in a corner of my mouse-sized kitchen since I moved in?  Yeah, what a novel idea!!


What you can’t see are the main entrance (on the left) and the refrigerator (on the right).  I’m planning to hang some of my pots and pans just past the apron and across from the stove.


Here you can (sort of) see the refrigerator.  Between the stove and the refrigerator is the archway into the bedroom.

I realize this is silly, but I ran out of things to put on the walls for now…so…


I put in some nails and hung my nightgowns.  Ridiculous, I know.  At least there is finally something there?

More pictures will follow when I’m finally finished organizing.  Someday.  If you’re lucky.

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