Post-SIP Laziness

It’s a really good thing.  By laziness, I mean that I’m about two days class-days ahead of my reading for the only time in my life.  I am taking advantage of this time to do things like nap for several hours in the middle of the afternoon (uhm…I’m going to pretend I planned that) and post pictures of my knitting.

I don’t even know if I have any readers at this point,* but if I do I’m pretty sure you’d forgotten I did that.  The only problem is that I don’t remember where I left off with that whole “showing things” idea.


This is Vivian from the latest Twist Collective.  Definitely a good sweater, although I find the layout of the instructions to be a mild degree of unclear.  Fortunately, reading messed up patterns (and by messed up I mean far worse than this) is one of my strong suits.  Anyhow, what they really should have done was to put the charts for each half of the sweater on the same page, or just to chart the whole bloody thing.  of course, it would be pretty easy to cut them out and rearrange yourself…oh well.


Secondly, I’d like to point out this amazing collection of gifts from Amanda.  Harry Potter Opal, Malabrigo sock, and Noro Kureyon sock. Have I yet mentioned how impossibly perfect I find the Noro sock yarns?  If you need proof that they’re amazing, go ask Amanda about her little stashing “issues”


Finally, more proof of the excellence of Noro.

Now I think I’d better start my day for the second time, eight hours after the original beginning.


*I know, I know.  I love you too, Moom.

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  1. Amanda Says:

    hahaha. Thanks Mouse. It’s true. Though it is a little ridiculous that we will have, what, 3 pairs of matching socks? We’re so cool… Yeah… good luck with reading! Muah!

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