Cheery Orange Plastic Bowls

Am I lazy, or what?


I spent a week in San Francisco, a weekend at Grandmoom’s, a night in Kzoo, and just when things were getting good in Ann Arbor I mysteriously contracted a “violent” illness.  Uhm, for the first time in ten full years, I might add.  Fortunately it was a fairy mild strain of virus, despite the accompanying five-day lack of appetite and the general fatigue surrounding 5-ish hours of more severe discomfort.  Then, because I am the perfect daughter, I passed it on to my mother.  After all, the holiday season is for giving!!

My viral gift was so well appreciated that I received all sorts of pretty things in return.


Oops!  Almost forgot the “rolling pepper pot”…among other kitchen gadgets.


Where did my break go??


Oh, yeah!  All over the place.  Oh well…

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  1. Dog Momster Says:

    Yum! The Yassa was a wonderful treat!!!!!! (YEAH… that cayenne/mustard was HOT [*tears stream down*] [*nasal passages clear*])!!! Too bad Valdemort doesn’t care for onions; otherwise we’d do a version of it for her return from the Citrus Bowl this weekend. We’ll find a way to Nook-a-lize the recipe, I’m sure (hee hee hee). Given I tend to buy my chicken thighs (OK, all my meats) from the local butcher, about how many *pounds* of thighs did that work out to (guess I could look at the pkg the next time I’m at *gag* Kroger for that guideline)?

    I have to admit that I had to wash my winter jacket Monday night; discovered when I wore it to work on Monday morning that I was ‘aura-ing’ Yassa like crazy! (oooh, I love the smell of cooking onions, but don’t really want to smell like ’em 😉 ).

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