I’ve been holding out on you…


A sock-weight Sarcelle!  I finished it last night, but don’t have photos yet.


Oh, yeah.  I also spent the last week living on my sister’s couch in San Francisco and generally making a nuisance of myself.  If your siblings aren’t sick of you by the time you leave them, you haven’t done your job properly.  I was careful to balance out said attempts by “paying rent”, i.e. cooking tasty things, doing dishes, and assisting with architectural projects.


Oops, how’d that get in there…we definitely did not spend several nights in that bar.


We did find Renee in a Mexican restaurant, although to be fair that wasn’t an accident.


I also obtained new mitten yarn, as my angora mittens are going threadbare.


The sad part is that I am home for less than 12 hours.  Go figure…

4 Responses to “I’ve been holding out on you…”

  1. Pooh Says:

    The mittens look intriguing. Is that stitch combination something you can explain easily?

  2. Larisa Says:

    I hope you brought your knitting to the bar again.
    Also, I like the tree picture a lot!

  3. sneak Says:

    you weren’t a nuisance. elizabeth things you’re the greatest thing since sliced bread and the yassa came in handy for several days. more pictures!!

  4. sneak Says:

    *thinks, not things.

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