It snowed today.

No one believes me, but I swear to you that it did.  I promptly called several people and made myself look like a fool, which I suppose isn’t so far off the mark…


This would be my first exibit of something I’ve finished in the time I’ve been slacking off on my posting.  Unfortunately, Emily refused to pose considering I’ve…er…lost the mate.  I’m sure it’s around, but until then I’ll be dodging duck beaks.


This would be an exibit of a languishing project that I’ve recently resumed.  Enough said.

I finally managed to hang a little more art in my apartment:


Both by Annie Hubbard.  The print on the left was made from one of her watercolors, and the one on the right is a birch bark cut-out of a crane.  My walls are greener than the picture shows.  It’s nice to have something to break them up!

Finally, I liked this tree because of its oddly vertical branch patterns and the way it looks against that dusky stretch of sky.


And now, back to FAB.

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  1. Larisa Says:

    I like the tree too. I guess it can be worth it for making my paper late…

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