Yeah, that’s me talking.  You got a problem with a duck wearing a cape?

Some of you may have been wondering where I’ve been for the past…oh…year, is it now?  Well.  For obvious reasons, I didn’t go along to Senegal.  I didn’t want to get eaten or anything, although I must say I would have liked to meet Sir Ruffled Feathers here:


At any rate, she did find some leggy bird statues while she was there but they became gifts.  She’s already got me.

Then we had an adventure.  We moved into a cute little apartment in Kalamazoo, and it is now my duty to guard it.  That means when she was gone all day in the drippy dungeon of FAB, I got to watch out for intruders.  Then again when she was back and forth from Ann Arbor all summer, I made sure everything stayed safe and comfortable.  I am a Yarn Duck after all, so I kept the dust off and checked the stash for m~th snacks.

But now?  This is getting ridiculous.  She’s busy, but she can’t be *that* busy, right?

Too busy for this?


Oops, I’m sideways.  That grey cape-y thing is a corduroy jacket.  Those pretty socks at my feet are Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn.


These ones are some Schaeffer Anne that she’s had in the stash for forever.  She even took it to Senegal with her, but didn’t knit it!!  Honestly, she needs to work on that stash.

Fortunately, I managed to steal her wallet.  I let her buy food sometimes, but absolutely no projects.  Have you ever met anyone with less self control when it comes to the yarn stash?

Er, it’s hard to hold the camera while posing.  Sorry everything is so blurry, but it would really help if I had hands.

Her plan was to distract you with some cute goats, but I couldn’t stand for it.  You had to have knitting too.


3 Responses to “Yo.”

  1. lizard Says:

    oh mouse, I miss and love you

  2. Amanda Says:

    hahaha. CUTE! And I missed Emily!!! YAY yarn duck!

    ok, I’m off to be useful. Who’d have thought that even though I’m done with theatre I still have no time? Oh well. At least one of my midterms was moved to next week. Sweet.


  3. Pooh Says:

    Emily is a much better blog mascot, (and stash guard), then your moom’s familiar, Froogy! Glad to see some knitting pix. The goats are cute too.

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