Bonnaroo, Part II *Warning, I did not edit!*

All right, all right!

Posting about Bonnaroo is intimidating. So much happened that I just don’t know how to fit it all in. I need to just *do* it so that I can go back to posting normally and not feeling guilty because I’ve missed.

But first…

Yesterday I was such a slug. I mean it. I did not get out of bed until…could it really have been 1 PM? I don’t want to think about it. I sludged around feeling exhausted until Amanda convinced me to go downtown around four.

Best idea ever!! I bought books with money I definitely should not have spent. We got coffee-ish drinks, knitted, ate, knitted, sat in the diag, knitted, walked, knitted. Suddenly it was 10:30, and we drove by the river. (I told you! The pattern of my days is so predictable. Also, I always feel like I should say “knit” rather than “knitted”, and “that is a knit garment” rather than “knitted garment”. Why did they ever make it “knitted”? It sounds so much better the other way! Like the “platypuses/platypi debate–another favorite stem word. Er, not to imply that you can stem many words from “platypus”. But I digress.)

Then we watched The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio, which is where I begin to question events of today. I was up until 2 AM. Then I woke up at 6:30 AM. I don’t have a headache, I don’t feel bleary, and I don’t need a nap. We needed to take the car in anyway, so Moom and I dragged over there. We had breakfast at The Broken Egg after much deliberation, and questioned Froggy’s work routines. Line Belt…

We walked downtown and wandered, then walked to pick up the car. No sleep + walking = …Mouse still does not need a nap? I don’t understand. I am not even in a particularly bad mood.

Alright alright, I know my days are boring. The lace grows…


Friday morning we woke up *early* (it’s hard to sleep in when you’re in a field in Tennessee in the sun), drank coffee and ate potato/egg omelets, lazed about for a few minutes sunscreening and trying to figure out the best manner of dress for the heat, then made our way down to the Centeroo area.

First, a note about porta-potties. !!What on earth takes so long??!? Some people would be in those things for upwards of ten minutes. Now, I don’t know about you, but the main goal of everyone I know is to get in and out of those things as quickly as possible. I know some things take longer than others, but this was like every three people. Were they meticulously laying out their toilet paper so that they could sit down, then falling asleep in the suffocating heat? Daddy made the same joke about six different times over the weekend, that “they must be serving cigars and coffee in there!!” Ha. We won’t even talk about things hidden behind the car wheel.

Alright back to business. Centeroo. The first thing we did was to sit down near the Solar stage, where Wild Shadow was playing. They were decent, however I much prefer the Indigo Girls and Dar Williams. This idle sitting was one of the most important parts of our days. It was really the most restful time we had. Anyway, by evening I could not even thing about sitting or my hip muscles would cramp.

They had barely finished playing, when I heard the unmistakable sound of Andrew Bird setting up. He was not scheduled to play for another hour and a half, but we went to investigate anyway. There was a motely crowd already gathered under That Tent, including a failed transvestite. The reason this sticks out was because she (I’m sure he was a man, but I would like to be polite) was older than most of the crowd, and also extremely unkempt in a way that most people weren’t. To each his/her own.

We wandered off to wait, passing David Ford at the Sonic Stage and picking up a nice little Bonnaroo newspaper at the entrance. Then we wandered into a small fenced-off area with Tables and Chairs (Trivia – which artist that we saw at Bonnaroo has a song with that title? No cheating!) and sat under a tree. We had “lunch”, while Daddy read the paper and I worked on my knitting.


The rest of the day would be a blur of rushing between acts as most of what I wanted to see was occurring in rapid succession.

We saw Andrew Bird at That Tent. All I have to say is…anyone who can play guitar, glockenspiel, violin, sing, andwhistle like that all at once has got to be pretty amazing. Oh yeah, and write songs! He is a true artist, with an incredible ear. Anyone who can get that many violin melodies repeating at once and have it sound *musical* is a genius. Once again, have I even mentioned how much I love violins?

Then a bit of Ben Folds at the Which Stage. We were not very close, so no pictures.

Then Devendra Banhart at That Tent.


They gave a creditable performance, and in the middle asked if anyone in the audience wrote their own music. They invited some kid up on the stange to sing a song. !!He was really really good!!! Everyone loved it.

Then Bright Eyes (Conor Oberst in the white) at the Which Stage.

One of my all time favorite bands. He does not have a great voice in most people’s standards, but I love it. I can’t talk about Bright Eyes for less than three pages at a so I’m going to stop while I am ahead. I cry every time he plays Poison Oak. =D

Then Cat Power (and the Memphis Rhythm Band) at That Tent



This is where a horrible thing happened. See, Death Cab for Cutie and Cat Power overlapped, with Death Cab running only fifteen minutes longer. We. Missed. Death Cab.

But then again…Here is the logic. I have seen Death Cab before. Also, their newest album, Plans, is not very good. There are a few songs that I listen to and it is decent music, but it just is not as good as their older material. I had never seen Cat power, and also she does not tour the US as often as would be convenient for my purposes. I had to see Chan Marshall, and I did eventually make it up to the fifth row (short people unite, I couldn’t see anything until then!) by the time she played Love and Communication, the best song off her newest CD. (Don’t let the title fool you. You know I don’t listen to sappy music.)

She was amazing as expected. Another of my favorite artists. I only wish that she had played some more old music, but with the band she really couldn’t do much of that. (Still…Cross Bones Style? He War? Metal Heart? Taking People? All MIA, along with all my other favorites. Those were just the ones that came to mind at a glance, but there are many more. Trust me.)

It still did not help when the people next door told us that Death Cab was the best concert they had ever seen. On the other hand, I am reluctant to trust their judgment as they spent most of the weekend drunk, missing all the good bands, or fighting with each other about tarps. (Oh, and I sliced my toe open on their nearly invisible tarp string after tripping on it at least seven times).

We went back to the tent for dinner after Cat Power, and realized our mistake. Instead of cooking, we should have bought dinner by the music and gone to see Tom Petty. Don’t kill us! We could hear him very very clearly from our tent, so we did not miss it entirely. I was completely exhausted. I collapsed into sleep on a misshapen lump in the ground, and slept incredibly well despite the fact that I was constantly contorting my spine into different impressive shapes in a desperate attempt to be something passing for “comfortable”.

The hardest part of the festival would turn out to be knowing that certain artists were there–and that we did not go. One of the best, music aside, would turn out to be the food…

More on that later.

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  1. schaff Says:

    i played andrew bird today.

    one of the guys on the trip met him.

    i am jealous.

    and feverishly knitting socks.

    i think i have 8 new balls of sock yarn.

  2. gg Says:

    I concur.

  3. Nikki Says:

    oh im sorry you missed death cab.
    and i wont kill you for missing tom petty, even though that is sad you missed him as well.
    im glad you enjoyed it!

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