Still alive.

I’m severely behind on my posts, but I promise I’m still alive.  I am currently in Kalamazoo with faulty internet, but I’m supposed to be researching anyway.  The problem is that I still have more than a month for that, so I’m entirely unmotivated.

I think I get a reprieve because I searched out six books today, as well as assembling a full set of shelves, baking a pie, and making soup.  Oh, and I went to the store, but I’m not sure that really counts.

What kind of projects can I get distracted by tomorrow?  Other than sitting around the house waiting for the internet service people.  Apparently there was no way to give me a time frame for when the people would come around, and I’m kind of mad about it.

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  1. Dog Momster Says:

    NO time frame at all? Whoa. So the Broadband Internet folks have gone from giving a time frame of “sometime between 8AM and 5PM” to simply not giving *any* time range at all.

    Customer Service Failure! Customer Service Failure! ALERT-ALERT-ALERT!!!!

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