As I continue my failure to post…

Nothing terribly exciting is going on around here. I promise. My only explanation is that life is catching up with me a little bit, and between the good and the bad I don’t have that much to say about anything.

An interesting phenomenon seems to be that the less I *have* to do, the less I get done regardless of what it is. I am more likely to post on a busy day than a quiet one.

Peacock feathers is growing slowly, as is Snowdrop. Oh, and just for kicks, this is the layout of my days in general terms.

8:00 AM – Wake up, groan, roll over, doze until

9:00 AM – Wake up, twist into unnatural position, tuck legs into cool part of bed, doze until (Alternately, for work days – Fall out of bed in a dizzy sort of manner, catch self on the bed on as legs collapse, steady, stretch, read until 9:35 or so, leave to sell yarn to crotchety old ladies forr a few hours)

11:00 AM – Wake up (later than intended, but easily fooled by the earlier sleeplessness), contemplate breakfast, decide that it is too far away. Find book instead. Read/knit until some ungodly hour like

1:00 PM to 3:00 PM – Look at clock, berate self, dredge up car keys, (hey! It is nice out!), realize free parking is at least three hours away. Scour for change, wander downtown aimlessly until I end up in Ambrosia/Amer’s/assorted coffee shops/borders/library. Sit. Read/knit.

6:00 PM to 8:00 PM – Look at clock for first time in hours. Slowly drag home for dinner. Call Amanda and whine a lot until she comes out with me to shut me up.

2:00 AM – Oh no oh no oh no! How on earth did it get to be so late?? Fall into bed, knit the last few rows/read.

Ad nauseam.

See? You’re not missing anything. I mean, fine. There is a small portion of variation in all that. Like running into people downtown and not recognizing them, driving up all my gas money by the river, having cell phone antennas stuck up my nose, intense and loud discussions regarding the pros and cons of particular fibers (mostly the ungodly horrors of acrylic) and the concept of “rotating yarnovers”, illegally napping, coffeecoffeecoffee, eating too much, sulking too much, and not calling people who really deserve my attention but don’t get it because I spend all my time on the above useless pursuits.

You know, the usual.

Ad nauseam“, by the way. Overwhelming repetition of something to the point of nausea. Somehow that is a perfect description of everything at the moment. It is my own fault, but still not so enjoyable. I intend to fix that quite soon.

I need to finish posting about Bonnaroo, and I *promise* to get to it within a few days. Today though, I have once again let it go too long. I refuse to start a Bonnaroo post at 1:41 AM. The next question is why on earth am I still up…

Oh, yeah. One last thing. I haven’t quite figured out why this is so amusing yet, but go buy some sheep. (Thanks Daddy for the link!!)

3 Responses to “As I continue my failure to post…”

  1. schaff Says:

    i intended to get up around 8 today to go to the flea market while it was still cool out.


    i got up at 1.

    it is so hot.

    i am lying around reading neil gaiman instead of doing anything.

  2. gg Says:

    It isn’t hot.

    Get writing. I want to hear you version of what Bonnaroo was all about.

    Good job on the first write-up.

  3. frooogy Says:

    shaddup, ya ol’ coot! I mean th’ Grumper, not Schaff. I dunno who Schaff is. If it got up at 1, it’s gotta be one o’ Mousey’s frien’s tho. Ol’ coots needta get ther butts back ta work. An’ it is too hot. ‘specially when yer workin’ out here on th’ line belt. Smokie gimme s’more o’ that frog juice.

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