Foot Update

Okay, so I’m not precisely sure what “sprained” entails, but what we’ve concluded about my foot is that I’ve managed to pull a ligament.  The result is a stretch of internal bruising, which began to show on the outside yesterday morning.  At this point, I have 5-6″ (square) of bruised flesh, mostly red/pink with an increasingly purple ring along the outer edge.  At one point it looks like I stepped on a blueberry and simply stained myself.  ;D

It hurts a little to walk, but I’m not limping like I was the first day.  Really, I find it more intruiging than anything else.  As I know it’s not permanently damaged, I like watching the colors change and monitoring the types of pain I feel in which region.  I secretly like to bruise because it so rarely happens.

I’m forcing Daddy to take extensive photographic evidence of my feet so I can document the progression of swelling and color change.  Once it’s all together and healed, I’ll see if it’s worth trying to string them together and post them.  You know, in case anyone else is interested…

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  1. Amanda Says:

    go look at Ravelry!!! is it lame that i’ve documented most of the mini stash there? oh well. it’s pretty!

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