Attention All Residents

Whoever closed the bathroom door last night without actually being in the bathroom needs to review the agreement they signed upon moving into the green Planet residence.  (Er…someone go write that.)

No, seriously.  We don’t ever close the bathroom door when no one is in there.  Ever.  Maybe while we’re out of town?  Of course, last night someone cleverly decided to change this habit for no apparent reason.  Okay, that’s all fine and dandy, except all the lights were out and I was racing my half-sleeping mother to the bathroom.  I’m not sure why I’m making this slightly humiliating fact public, but I ran smack into the bathroom door.  Directly into it. As I said, the lights were out and I couldn’t see a thing.

Any guesses as to the culprit?  Should I post his e-mail address and hope some spambot-thing picks it up and makes his life miserable?  What do you think, Daddy?  (Actually, I think the whole thing is pretty funny.  ;D  )

Moving on.  I have some fuzzy photos to show, the first being my nearly finished and much neglected Equestrian Blazer.  All I need to do is attach the second sleeve and hide the ends.


It was a quick knit and fits reasonably well, but I tossed it aside for two reasons.  The first is that I’m worried the sleeves are going to feel obnoxiously short.  I washed the whole thing last night to see if blocking would help.  It’s difficult to tell as it’s still damp and half-seamed, but I think there is hope.  The second reason is that I have no idea what I’m going to wear under it.  It will be incredibly warm, but Donegal Tweed is *itchy*!!  Also, the color (which you can’t really see clearly in this photo) is going to be extremely touchy to match.  Hmm.

Progress on Ernestine is slightly more satisfying.


I am approximately 15% finished.  Yes, I’m still obsessively changing my Ravelry percentages at every approximate 5% of progress.  I also just joined the Ravelympics, but realized five minutes later that I now have to choose a project.  Should I do lace?  A sweater?  Design and knit a fair isle sweater in 17 days?  Does pre-designing count if I just knit the thing in 17 days? Stash knitting?  New yarn knitting?

Er…brainwave hyperdrive.  Time to go knit.

3 Responses to “Attention All Residents”

  1. frooggy Says:

    ‘n’ then there wuz that crazy Ol’ Baggy hoo stubb’d three o’ her toes on th’ ol’ Bloo ‘n’ Only Bathrum dore las’ nite. grok grok grok

  2. Dog Momster Says:

    …I’m just trying to picture that whole bathroom door incident…and trying to NOT picture it at the same time… O_o

  3. Jay Says:

    We do close the bathroom door in our house as a matter of course. This has to do with the number of 2 and 3 year olds in the house, and a open half-doorway at floor level that is a laundry chute. Now I could try to find and put the door back on, but what fun would that be.

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