Speaking of Ravelry

And of the fact that I did not under any circumstances need another knitting bag:


“Self control” still appears to be a concept that is lost on me.


Also, despite my constant stress over needing to finish old projects, last night I started this:


I’d like to argue that the stress of my summer job warrants a slip.  I am still working on other things, like Daddy’s eye mask and…uh, some other things.  Let me go remember what those are.

If the shawl looks familiar that’s because it’s Ernestine again.

Still speaking of Ravelry, I’ve been spending a proportionally large quantity of my time doing nothing more than stare at the WIPs in my Projects folder. I take a childish delight in changing my progress bar at every approximate 5%.  In case anyone really feels like stalking me that closely.

I must go keep up with my percentage quirk by working on the shawl and


 Oops.  You caught me.  I swear that all I did was go to buy graph paper.  Can I help it if these cute little packets of origami paper jumped into my basket?  I couldn’t deny them.  Go judge someone who can stand up to it.  Back to the knitting and reading!

3 Responses to “Speaking of Ravelry”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    Ohhh, Michigan Book and Supply, eh? Musta been open today, eh?

    (grok grok grok)

  2. Amanda Says:

    pretty!!! And yes, I totally stalk your ravelry that closely. duh! speaking of, check mine out. hehe.

    miss you!

  3. Dog Momster Says:

    um, must one *register* with Ravelry to even be able to look in it? I couldn’t get anywhere when KW posted her Ravelry entry….

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