Invisible Baby Sweater

As in, I finished one.  It’s invisible because I gave it to the recipient absolutely as soon as I finished it, as she had to leave.  Unfortunately, that means I did not manage to get a photo.  Hopefully I’ll have one soon.  Maybe even on Maizie.  Anyhow.  This summer’s work with the Ypsilanti Artichoke Gatherers has been completed.  I’m off to stare blankly at everyday objects until they somehow regain their obvious and recognizable qualities.

One Response to “Invisible Baby Sweater”

  1. Uncle Don Says:

    I love you, and who is the tall guy in the jeep please?!
    Did you think for any one particular moment that I do not think about you? About your interest in music or your inate ability to appear and dissapear completely at will? Call me old fashioned, but I strangely desire to have all of the fond qualities of those I care for and adore to be distilled into one semi-perfect dream. It is more efficient. I may now achieve that same level of love and admiration that my ancestors had, but by a far more sophisticated means. Hence, you may have the pleasant luxury of being measured not by your actions, but by your intentions. This is a real benefit if you think about it, and could easily gain for you an automatic entry into the eternal kingdom of paradise. Just show them this letter. And all this at no additional charge.
    Love, in the final analysis, is a very powerful force of nature and we can do very little to alter its’ course. I accept.
    Uncle Don

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