Pretend it’s last Sunday.

Because this is what I meant to post Sunday night…

Last Saturday morning I began my second Pomatomus.  By Sunday morning, I had this:


Finished socks!  Just what I needed after a week of Summer YAG; a chance to rest my voice and wear out my hands.  Unfortunately, because of the second week of slave-driving wrangling teaching children and crashing the moment I walk in the door has prevented any chance of catching up with my posts.  Oh yeah, and it’s hot again.  Oh yeah, and it’s art fair.  Maybe Moom will post about frog’s new accoutrement while I’m nonexistent.

Oh yeah, and I’m on a knitting deadline…which means I’ve gotta go.  You’ll see another finished product tomorrow Saturday night. Must make it through one more day of camp and four performances before I’m through.

Man ngiy ñelaw leggi.  Ba beneen yoon, inchallah.

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