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Last night I arrived at Houghton Lake with this:


Pretty, right?  Ten minutes (and a lot of grokking) later I had this:


One sock and a wrinkly ball of yarn.  That’s right, I frogged most of a sock.  Why?  Because I made most of the first one on US 0s before discovering that this pattern, despite all stretchy logic to the contrary, really needs to me made in a larger needle.  I was smarting about it and so did not mention it until now, when I can still have something to show for it.  I went ahead and made the second sock on US 1.5s* before frogging the first one. Stupid, stupid.

Fortunately I’ve found Pomatomus to be an extremely fast and amusing knit.  Who knows?  I may have to copy Amanda in the near future for her lovely yellow/black Koigu Pomatomus…

Despite my best efforts to avoid the dreaded Stash Acquisition…


It had to happen.  I’m planning to recreate the shawl I made for my host mother, or “Ernestine’s Shawl” as I’ve been calling it.  (Unfortunately, I never g0t a picture of her with the shawl.)  I want to write out the pattern, but I’m worried about telling people to use the Zephyr.  It’s the perfect weight for the project, but I had so little yarn left at the end of the original that I’m sure people would run out.  Seriously, it was a tiny ball the size of a peanut M&M.

This isn’t even the worst of it.  My father (yes, the man in the last post’s “blackmail” photograph) has decided that he needs an eye mask to shut out the light while he naps.  So, we collected some Panda Silk the other week.


See?  See how this is not my fault?

Okay, still not the worst of it.  It’s time.  Now that’s I’ve met her, Maizie Connell needs a sweater.  I had to buy a whole sweater’s worth of yarn!


Fortunately, Maizie is only three months old.  She wears a 9-month size though, so I bought five balls just in case.  I’m thinking Elizabeth Zimmerman’s February “Baby Sweater on Two Needles”, scaled to fit the smaller gauge.

I anticipate finishing everything but the shawl in the next week, because I actually have knitting time!!  Thank goodness.  Does that cancel out the stash acquisition?  Do I get a grace period, provided that the yarn doesn’t squat for longer than two weeks?  Time to go sharpen my Needles of Death–I MEAN–knit.  Over and out.

*Actually, I copied my boss on this one.  None of the yarn stores in the area have 1.5s in stock right now, so I’m using an average of ones and twos to get a near-1.5 gauge.  I think it comes out to slightly more than 1.5, but for the moment it serves my purposes.

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