Finished Socks


Er…frog wanted to model.

Have I mentioned my current stash goal?  I’m required to finish three pairs of socks before I can buy one new sock yarn.  I must finish two sweaters before I can buy new sweater yarn.  Three anonymous small projects (hats, mittens, animals) before I can buy new small project yarn.

Moom‘s socks (above) are the first on this sock list.  Help me keep count!!


(Uhm…let’s just call this one blackmail.)

3 Responses to “Finished Socks”

  1. lizard Says:

    oh dear. I miss your dad…..

  2. Amanda Says:

    Have I mentioned how much I love your family? Cause I do, for reasons like this. haha.


  3. Amanda Says:

    My Ravelry is updated. haha. The stash, the projects, etc. oh, and Purl’s is getting noro silk garden sock yarn sometime very soon. Possibly Tuesday. and I canceled the other order that hasn’t gone through yet. hehe. i love my job :)

    miss you!!!

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