Stealth Moom.

Mouse – “Moom, what is *that*?”

Moom – *Glorp.*


Evidence that the inability to walk out of a yarn store the same way you went in–with your bank account intact–is a genetic trait.  Genetic, I tell you!!  My mother went into Flying Sheep the other day on business completely unrelated to yarn, and she came out with this.  Need I make any further effort toward expressing my approval?  We’ll see what kind of project she wants to make with it.

Clearly I am back on the Planet Ann Arbor, living in the Landfill for a few weeks.  It only takes most of the day to get here from there.  Of course, day long car rides are always a viable excuse for starting new projects so I can’t entirely care.  Particularly when they come out of those car rides half finished.


I’ve got about an half an inch left to knit before I can do the toe.  A sock in a day is a pretty good haul, as far as I’m concerned.

Incidentally, for all those curious about The Wall, it can be found at 46deg. 21′ 08.52″ N. 84deg 51′ 04.51″ W.

3 Responses to “Stealth Moom.”

  1. sneak Says:

    send my hat, i’m so excited i can’t wait.

  2. Amanda Says:

    MEEK! pretty yarn. yay Moom! I’m at the yarn store and almost done with my noro sweater. And I finished the Malabrigo one last night (yay staying up til 4:30 watching House and knitting!!!) Though I have finally found the pattern for Lotus Blossom and the yarn. Gotta stash dive, gotta stash dive… ok. back to work. There are people here!!! miss you! muah!

  3. lizard Says:

    you are in ann arbor again? We need to do something…. I’m missing you!!!

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