Photo Day

Before I forget, watch this.

Okay, onward!


End of the beach!


Orange wildflowers.


What do you call these again?  I titled the photo “lichen”, but I’m pretty sure that’s not the appropriate name.  Lichen.


My mother made a big fuss about wanting me to take this picture and send it to her, and when I finally did she didn’t use it!!  Hmph!!  So, I’m stealing it for my own purposes.  You’ll probably see it on her blog someday soon.

I finished The Sneak‘s hat last night.


I’m pretty happy with it, but there is a chance that I’ll rip back a little and reshape the top.  (It’s not actually as tall and narrow as it looks; it stretches quite a bit.)

For now, I’m working on this:


Pomatomus.  They’re a ways further than this picture, but I was too lazy to take another photo.

Phew!!   And now, back to my main occupation of the evening.


5 Responses to “Photo Day”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    Sorry about the photo. It’s just that froog found his own self-portrait.

    I wanna dance with that guy too..

    Love love love. Fin Family Moominbeach.

  2. Dog Momster Says:

    I found Val’s copy of “Atlas Shrugged”. If it works for you for me to leave it at the Cabin when I go up over the 4th, I’ll do that; otherwise, tell me where you would like it shipped….

  3. Dog Momster Says:

    The Pomatomus colors are absolutely STRIKING – esp with that sock pattern! I have to keep coming back to look at them!!!

  4. Jax Says:

    Your Pomatomous looks like heaven. Exquisite :)

  5. sneak Says:

    yes my hat!!! i was kind of excited about how tall and narrow it looked, actually… 😉

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