“The crones are here.”  –Grandmoom

“You know what’s wrong with me?  I’m just a grandma.  Yep, just a grandma.”  –Grandmoom

“How do you give time?”  –Batty
“I don’t know.  When you set a time limit you actually *take* time, so maybe you give time by not talking about time?”  –Mouse
“Well, what happens when people waste time talking about time?”  –Daddy
“So people take their own time by wasting time talking about the time they don’t have?”  – Mouse

(Referring to “bird nests”, these delicious dark chocolate-coated cookies with irish cream filling that we buy in Alanson in the yarn store/bakery)
“Oh, mine gott!!  Look at these things?  Well, if they’re bird nests, where are all the birds?”  –Betty
“They’re in your stomach, and that’s why you have to eat them.  You have to send them down to the birds.  Don’t you ever feel them flapping around down there?”  –Mouse
“Oh, no, I figured out that’s just your heart beating.”  –Grandmoom

*Grandmoom and Batty cough a lot while talking*
“Are you two having a reaction to the dessert or something?”  –Daddy

4 Responses to “North!!”

  1. kayak woman Says:

    <3 <3 <3 to everyoe a hundred thousand times.

    That is all.

  2. kayak woman Says:

    I meant everyone, not everyoe. Sometimes it is hard to be a spelling nazi.

  3. Dog Momster Says:

    Our love to everyone, too!! *Especially* today….

  4. Sam Says:

    I think of The Comm & RB as among the Wise Elders. Love you ladies, even if I’m trapped in the overly hot South…. [Thanks for the reporting, Mouse.]

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