Exactly what I call 50 degree weather in Ann Arbor.  I have effectively worn the same outfit for four days running due to a limited supply of clothing.  I have one pair of pants that is not about to disintegrate, and only one long-sleeved shirt that managed to make it home for the week.  Now everyone thinks I wear the same clothes every day, but fortunately it’s warm today so I can begin to change that image.

Erm…while I try to work through my project ADD.


Everything I’m currently working on at home.

Detail shots?  Well…I guess I owe you all something of evidence.  So.  Some things you should know about me:


1) I still knit other people’s excellent patterns (Pomatomus, designed by Cookie and published on Knitty).


2) I still design (and ignore) my own patterns.  Yep, stash diving to finish things.  I hope.


3) I still receive yarn, in this instance an excellent frog-coloured mohair from the lovely Liz K.  (Thanks dearie!!)


4) I still pick up new and exciting artistic pursuits that I can’t afford and probably can’t execute with any degree of skill.  Not letting it stop me.


5) Uhm…enough said.  Just call it a compulsion and back away slowly.  I have 100 sheets of origami paper.  Guess what I’m going to do with it?

Other things in the first photo:

* Supplies.  New knitting needles!! Apparently I’ve lost most of mine.

* Ancient black and white film which I am intending to cart around the city in an excellent old camera.  We’ll see what I come up with.

* A knot tied in tie-line

* White broadcloth.  I am drafting a pattern so I can make a dress to wear to my cousin’s wedding.

Tomorrow it’s back to Kalamazoo, then into the wilderness.  While I’m there I’ll try to document the ecosystem of projects currently living on my living room floor while I clean.

P.S.  What would happen if I tried to post something every day?  Déjà vu?

6 Responses to ““Summer”?”

  1. sneak Says:

    where is my stuff?!

  2. gg Says:




  3. maquis Says:

    When the going gets tough, the tough go shoping!

  4. maquis's editor Says:

    Clearly that should be shopping, not shoping. This is what happens when the editor sleeps in!

  5. pooh Says:

    love the frog hair yarn. Frogs have hair?

  6. Amanda Says:

    pretty socks!!!! I love that pattern. The sweater is coming along nicely. Any suggestions as how to make it button closure rather than tie?

    miss you and love you

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