What is it about small creatures…

…that can reduce a woman to shallow breathing and rapid heart palpitations?

I’m not talking about this, although in my opinion it definitely ought to be included.  (I take the fact that she thought of me as a compliment.)  Grapefruit. Huh.*

I’m talking about the tiny baby raccoon I saw in the street last night.  It was also roughly the size of a grapefruit, perhaps smaller, and had enormous shiny eyes and a long furry snout.  As if that weren’t enough, it was sopping wet and all its fur was sticking out in crazy random spikes as it scurried along next to the curb.  Poor wet baby.  I wanted to scoop it up and nuzzle it, but fortunately I had the presence of mind to realize that these creatures are significantly less cuddly and friendly than they look.  Though I’m sure it would be entertaining (on the rather morbid, emergency hospital trip for a rabies shot kind of level) if you tried…

Oddly, my helpless weakness in the face of the cute does not seem to extend to human babies.  Hmm.  Sorry, human race.  Better luck with the next generation?
*A grapefruit is pretty impressive.  However in a completely different category, I feel obligated to mention the rats I saw in Senegal at night.  That’s right, the ones that were the roughly the size of large cats and which trundled alarmingly through the underbrush of your friendly neighborhood bar whilst your friends obliviously socialize.  The ones only you see, which is probably for the best.

On that note.

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  1. kayak woman Says:

    The word on the street when it comes to baby raccoons and other aminals is that their moomas are usually not far away and it is best not to pick ’em up.

  2. mouse Says:

    yeah, their moomas might not come back!!

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