“Please show your ID to the cashier now.”

So…how old do you have to be before you can buy lemons?

That’s right, the U-Scan carded me.  For buying lemons.  Definitely one of the funnier grocery store experiences I’ve had in a while.

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  1. Dog Momster Says:

    ROFLOL!! You should’ve taken a picture of the UScan screen and posted it!!!

    Yeah, the logic astounds me. You *might* be making hard lemonade, y’know

  2. kayak woman Says:

    re hard lemonade: There was a local flap not too long ago in which a U of M professor — of classical archaeology — unwittingly bought his 8-year-old (or whatever) a Mike’s Hard Lemonade at a baseball game. The “authorities” took his kid away.

    A key paragraph in the story: “Ratte is a tenured professor of classical archaeology at the University of Michigan, which means that, on a given day, he’s more likely to be excavating ancient burial sites in Turkey than watching “Dancing with the Stars” — or even the History Channel, for that matter.”

    Link to Free Press story:


  3. Valdemort Says:

    One of the small pleasures I always got from my cashiering days was ringing up Land O’ Lakes butter:

    It would always display on my screen as “LOL BUTTER”

    : D

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