I was just looking . I swear. I went into the yarn store just to look. For the first time in two months!! And what happens? The moment I turn my back, two sneaky skeins of silk garden lite snagged the corner of my credit card, hopped stealthily up to the counter, and swiped it through. They actually bought themselves. The nerve!!


They’re trying to dislodge my Stash socks.


Yarn from Stash in Berkely. Pattern similar to the vine handwarmers I made a while back. Made on US 0 needles.

I hitched a ride to Ann Arbor last night, which has been nice but is also not a lot of incentive to get work done. I’m justifying this snag by the reasoning that if I were in Kalamazoo, I wouldn’t be getting any more work done. Therefore, it is better to be elsewhere where I can blame the fact that I’m not in Kalamazoo for my lack of work rather than blaming myself for not working with no excuse.


2 Responses to “Argh!”

  1. lizard Says:

    wait… you were in ann arbor and you didn’t call me? *pout*

  2. Pooh Says:

    I love the sock that is on the needes, beautiful color and pattern. And it matches your webpage color scheme!

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