I saw one of these today. I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen one before, meaning I spent its entire stretch of visibility wondering how on earth you get up there. How do you stop at stoplights? How do you descend?

One of my life’s great mysteries, which I’m sure a good percentage of the population can explain…

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  1. sneak Says:

    one of those is often parked outside the neighborhood bar… er… my old neighborhood bar. i’ll call you soon. love youu…

  2. Kathy Farnell Says:

    That Bike reminds me of the old bikes (the ones you see at “The Henry Ford” formerly Greenfirld village. I think the Wright Brothers put together a bike with a huge front wheel and a tiny rear wheel. The seat was up high like the one you saw and the pedals were in the middle of the large wheel. I must say I thought it was a silly design for a bike because it was difficult to get up there. Anyhow – When Scott was small he had a small boys 2 wheeler that he rode with training wheels. Scott outgrew that bike and the boy across the street (Timmy) was just the right size so we gave it to him. One day the little bike found itself all alone and jumped behind Timmys dads car. The back wheel got all bent up. Someone in the neighborhood happened to have a bigger bike that had also jumped in front of a car (without a rider) and the front Wheel was all bent up. So, Timmys dad figured out a way to put the little wheel on the front of the bike with the big back wheel and “The Funny Bike” was created. They called it that because of “Funny Cars” that men race at race tracks – the ones with big back wheels and little front wheels. All of the kids were standing in line to take a turn riding the Funny Bike. Oh well. Sorry to take up space telling that tale but your’e the one who brought up the subject of bikes. At least you didn’t have to climb up to get on!

  3. mouse Says:

    By all means, take up space!! I love hearing all the stories.

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