Light Something!!

That was my Stagecraft assignment, due yesterday. Specific, right?

Lighting things can be both easier and harder than it sounds. It’s easy to shine a light on something and call it good, but then you get into focus, color, washes, highlights, specials, warms, cools, top lighting , underlighting, etc. After much deliberation of options and scuffling through stacks of clothing, this is what I finally came up with:


That’s right…they’re yarn fish. (And yes, my prof has a sense of humor.)

2 Responses to “Light Something!!”

  1. froooggy Says:

    Grok grok! Yoo need a li’l ol’ hoppity froggy in with th’ fishees! grok grok

  2. Amanda Says:

    Amazing. Really, I want some. We should have yarn fish if we move to Seattle… is it strange that I’ve decided that’s what we should do after college? hrm. interesting…. yay knitting!!!!! Time to take pictures of new yarn and the yarn vase… hehe

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